Club Information

If you would like to come race, please see below. 

For more detail, the City of Carrollton has laid out the  Drone Racing Field Rules  for us, so please take a look.

Ways to sign up for a race:

If you want to fly, you must first join MultiGP’s website, there you will set up a pilot profile and an aircraft profile. Next you will need to find our chapter, then find the race, JOIN it and then CHECK IN to the race. By doing all this, we are able to assign you a video frequency channel and at the same time manage everyone else channel allowing us to organize you into heats and rounds. Some useful links to help you join our races.

MultiGP FPV Drone Racing –

A direct link to our Chapter page where all our races are listed –

A direct link to our sister Chapter (Toxic Props) where a lot of races are being set up as well. ––

Our events are also posted on our FaceBook group events page here –

…and lastly a nice little video my daughter and I did to help as well, lol. –

We are an AMA Chartered Club and have been since 2016, if you come to fly at the field you will need to have AMA.


Google Maps knows where we live, just punch in NEDSA and it should pull us right up.       …..but if not you can find us by clicking on the link

Contact Information:

President – Jay McKibben

Vice President – Troy Cubb

Treasurer – Rob Herman

Secretary – Mike Mulligan

Safety Officer – Casey Reeves