Time for a road trip!!! Or how bout my East Texas guys???? The City of Ben Wheeler asked us to come out and do a race and how better to grow our ranks then to show how awesome drone racing can be????

Location – https://goo.gl/maps/Pc9ZiGTRKy12
Get there as early as possible! There will be a parade starting at 10am which is going to limit racers able to get to the race site. We need to be setting up the track and doing pilot check-in while the parade is going on so if you’re not there by 10 you’re probably gonna be walkin a ways. We plan to have races starting at 11 so again don’t be late.
We will start with 25mW and see who complains. We aren’t going far but we will be in trees so I would understand wanting to go to 200mW problem is you need to have a switchable vtx and not everyone does yet…. if we do change we will do our best to group heats by vtx output pwr.
This is a free race and if you’re one of the first 5 racers at pilot check in, we’ll pay you a cool $20 spot to be there!!
As always with NE Dallas Speed Addicts, Toxic Props, & MultiGP Drone Racing events, AMA and FAA #s are required to participate.

man oh man it has been two days of mass emailing and calling but the show WILL go on!!

The REGIONAL FINAL is moving to field 16 inside McKinnish Park.    Location – https://goo.gl/maps/Q1xgGDKYL1m

(same field as last year if you were there.)Reasons for this is our home field is located in a flood area and we have had rain this past week and are expecting some more this weekend.

Friday night there is a track & field class at field 16 from 6 pm to 7 pm. As soon as that class is done we can setup. SOOOOO everyone PLZZZZZ be at field 16 inside McInnish Park by 7 pm. The more we have there the faster setup will go and then maybe we can all go get a drink to kick off this weekend.

I will be at the HOME FIELD between 10 and 11 am Friday to set out materials, cut pipe and rebar and get everything staged as much as possible in prep for the evening setup at field 16.

Anyone that wants to join me for the day shift is more then welcome. This is going to be an amazing weekend!!!!!

If you didn’t make it out to the MultiGP International Open, you missed out. Rob Herman and I ran the Team Track and after an amazing day of racing, it was our pleasure to stand with Team Canada as the victors!!!! A job well done!!


Last Regional Qualifier Practice before OFFICIAL Qualifiers start!!!!

Special thanks to Chris Farra for running the show Sunday. Amazing day of racing, amazing weather, great friends, who could ask for more? Congrats to Alex Vanover on placing at the top of the leaderboard once again. Thanks to everyone that came out.

The next time we all get together will be for the first official Regional Qualifier in North Texas. It will be a weekend event so come camp and have fun, hope to see you there.



Tomorrow is Race Day!!!

Due to demand we’ve changed things up for tomorrow. (Gotta be able to improvise…)  We’ll be running the Regional Qualifier Track for some more stick time for those of you that have real jobs, LOL.

Take note and make sure to get over to the event page, get CHECKED IN and JOIN the race.