Last Regional Qualifier Practice before OFFICIAL Qualifiers start!!!!

Special thanks to Chris Farra for running the show Sunday. Amazing day of racing, amazing weather, great friends, who could ask for more? Congrats to Alex Vanover on placing at the top of the leaderboard once again. Thanks to everyone that came out.

The next time we all get together will be for the first official Regional Qualifier in North Texas. It will be a weekend event so come camp and have fun, hope to see you there.



Tomorrow is Race Day!!!

Due to demand we’ve changed things up for tomorrow. (Gotta be able to improvise…)  We’ll be running the Regional Qualifier Track for some more stick time for those of you that have real jobs, LOL.

Take note and make sure to get over to the event page, get CHECKED IN and JOIN the race.


2018 MultiGP Regional Series is underway!!! Our Qualifier will be May 26th and we will be hosting the Regional Final in October!!!!

The 2018 MultiGP Regional Series is underway so get ready and get your stick time in cause the best in the nation will be at the Final!!!! Take a look at our Event Calendar page for when we will be hosting ours! Plus we will be helping some of the other chapters with their Qualifiers so make note of those dates as well!! Hope to see you out there!!

Battle of the Champs has passed BUT CHECK OUT THE VIDEO!!

we were able to stream most the event, there isn’t any audio but check out some of the video, some of Texas’s finest came out to play –


In the next couple days will be talking about a challenge that has been made. Champ against Champ, a “Call Out” as you may.Shaun Taylor and Alex Vanover have made a time and place and it’s going to be on Alex’s home turf. You’re not going to want to miss this, we’re all racing this track. so you can come play too. This is going to be epic!!

Want to race? Can’t play if you don’t sign up –

Hope to see you there!!

Superior One Roofing Presents the Region 4A Drone Racing Final!!
The Top 2 racers will go to MultiGP Championship Race!
3rd to 6th from Finals gets one of the Serious 60 spots at Championships

Joe Scully will be at our event running the show!!!! He will be bringing his new Immersion RF lap counter so transponders are no longer required.

Cost (PayPal Friends & Family to or at Tech check & pilot check-in we will have our square reader available as well as taking cash):

  • Last Chance Qualifier – $15
  • Finals Race – $30


  • AMA is required to fly. AMA number will be needed at pilot check-in
  • 25mW MAX VTX output power required
  • Left hand (LH) and Right Hand (RH) antenna must be available.
  • HD is allowed but you must be tuned to the MultiGP assigned frequency.
  • Transponders are not required


Friday – Track setup – Course closed

Saturday – 8am to 10 am – Tech Check / Pilot check in
10:30 – Pilot briefing and walk the track
11am LAST CHANCE qualifier starts

Saturday Practice – When the LAST CHANCE qualifier finishes, the track will be open for practice till 11pm.

Sunday – 7am to 8:30 am Pilot check-in / Tech check if needed
9am – Finals Begin

More information and to Sign up for the race:

Sign up at MultiGP –

Visit our Facebook even page for more details!